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How to use the newly bought gantry sawing machine

* : * : admin * : 2018-09-28 * : 41

The new band sawing machine will not rise when it rises to half, what is the reason?

In fact, it is very simple, because the air intake in the cylinder, so why the cylinder intake cylinder will not work, in fact, very simple, we all know that the hydraulic cylinder is piston type, when the cylinder is in the air, the gas will extend behind the cylinder wall Through the oil seal to the other end of the cylinder, there is space inside the cylinder, the hydraulic oil will no longer enter the cylinder, so the cylinder will not work.

How does the gas enter? The reason is also many. It may be that when you adjust the sawing machine, the oil is added too little, the oil pump sucks the gas, there are too many oil joints, and there may be gas in the middle, etc.

How to solve such a problem is also very simple. Loosen the screw at the top of the cylinder, turn on the oil pump, press the up and down buttons, and let the gas out of the cylinder and then tighten the screw! There are also no screws at the top of the cylinder. In this case, the oil returning oil can be opened one by one, so that the oil pump works and the gas is discharged!