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High-end sawing machine maintenance is extremely important

* : * : admin * : 2018-09-28 * : 39

CNC maintenance work can be said to be a key factor in ensuring the normal operation of the factory, but some people are unaware of the poor maintenance of the equipment, improper maintenance and use, causing some minor faults that should not occur, resulting in production suspension. The joint research results of two units show that the maintenance of indirect costs is several times the direct cost, which shows the importance of maintenance work to the enterprise.

In the early life cycle of CNC sawing machines, premature aging due to lack of normal maintenance will have an inestimable impact on the future operation of the company, especially when using multiple sawing machines and cutting materials, the impact is even more Yu. Due to the lack of long-term planning and the pursuit of reducing machine material consumption, the use of CNC band sawing machines for rough operation is likely to cause high loss of future failures.

CNC sawing machines are becoming more and more automated, from loading, feeding, clamping, cutting, packing, etc., all automated. Therefore, the more important it is to maintain its work. We recommend that the company set up special maintenance personnel to establish a complete history database of CNC sawing machines, database recording equipment accidents, accident causes, and accident impacts. Train incumbents from both theoretical and practical perspectives to build a practical knowledge base.