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The outstanding features of the gantry sawing machine

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Gantry sawing machines are often large-scale band sawing machines. This type of sawing machine has higher requirements for itself, both in all respects. The gantry band sawing machine often brings together the advanced experience of well-known manufacturers of sawing machines at home and abroad. The structure is scientific, reasonable and generous in appearance, and it is a good equipment for selecting the sawing process.

Most gantry band sawing machines use bi-metal band saw blades as cutting tools to cut various metal bars, square steels, profiles and so on. Non-ferrous metals can also be cut by slightly changing the process parameters. It has the advantages of narrow slit, high efficiency, low energy consumption, less consumables, energy saving and environmental protection. Applicable to large and medium-sized steel groups, machinery, metallurgy, mining, petroleum, automobiles, shipbuilding, machine tools and other large and medium-sized enterprises and institutions, it is a very versatile equipment.