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Sawing machine ball screw knowledge summary

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The saw blade ball screw consists of a screw, a nut and a ball. Its function is to transform the rotary motion into a linear motion, which is the further extension and development of the ball screw. The significance of this development is to change the bearing from the sliding motion to the rolling motion. Ball screws are widely used in various types of vertical sawing machines due to their low frictional resistance.

Ball screw is a transmission component commonly used in vertical band saws. Its main function is to convert rotary motion into linear motion or to convert torque into axial repetitive force, which is characterized by high precision, reversibility and high efficiency. . On the band saw bed, along with other components, complete the saw head movement or bed movement function. The screw is fixed and the nut is rotated. The nut is rotated while moving along the fixed lead screw. The nut has small inertia and flexible movement, and the achievable high speed is high. Because the screw does not move, the problems of the high-speed operation of the slender ball screw and the limitation of the critical speed can be avoided. In this way, a large pre-tensioning force can be applied to the ball screw to improve the thermal deformation of the compensation screw and the rigidity of the screw support.

Sawing machine ball screw common problem solution:

1. The reason for the high roughness value of the workpiece is that the lubricating oil of the guide rail is not enough, causing the slide to crawl. Remedy: Add lubricant to eliminate lubrication failure.

2. The ball screw has localized or damaged. Remedy: Replace or repair the screw.

3. The screw bearing is damaged and the movement is not stable. Remedy: Replace the damaged bearing.

4. Unfinished, the sawing machine after-sales service department provides.