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Band sawing history and function

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Jinyun is currently the largest production base for band sawing machines in the country. There are 64 related enterprises and more than 30 companies producing complete machines. The production and sales volume accounts for 70% of the domestic market. In the face of fierce market competition, the county increased the technical reform of the band saw industry and promoted structural adjustment and industrial upgrading.

According to the structure, it is divided into horizontal band sawing machine and vertical band sawing machine. The horizontal type is divided into scissors type, double column type and single column type band sawing machine. It is divided into manual type according to the use condition (economic manual feeding manual cutting material) and automatic type. According to the automatic program using the controller, it can be divided into manual type (semi-automatic manual feeding) automatic type (automatic feeding automatic cutting); according to the cutting angle requirement, it can be divided into angle sawing machine (can be sawing angle 90 degrees 45 degrees) without angle, ie 90 Degree vertical cutting.

System function of band sawing machine:

The hydraulic transmission system consists of a hydraulic circuit consisting of pumps, valves, cylinders, fuel tanks, pipelines and other auxiliary components. Under the electrical control, the lifting and lowering of the saw beam and the clamping of the workpiece are completed. Through the speed control valve, the stepless speed regulation of the feed speed can be realized to achieve the sawing needs of workpieces of different materials.

The electrical control system consists of an electrical box, a control box, a junction box, a travel switch, an electromagnet, etc., which are used to control the rotation of the saw blade, the lifting of the saw beam, the clamping of the workpiece, etc., so that it can be operated according to certain working procedures. Achieve a normal cutting cycle.

Lubrication system must be refueled according to the lubrication parts of the machine (wire brush shaft, worm gear box, active bearing housing, worm bearing, lifting cylinder upper and lower shaft, movable vise sliding surface clamping screw) before driving. The worm gear and worm in the worm gear box are lubricated by the No. 30 oil oil bath, which is injected from the oil plug hole in the upper part of the worm gear box. The box fairy surface is equipped with the oil mark. When the saw beam is at the lowest position, the oil surface should be located at the upper and lower limits of the oil mark. between. After one month of trial, the oil should be changed. After that, the oil should be changed once every 3-6 months. The lower part of the worm gear box is equipped with a drain plug.