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Maintenance and maintenance of vertical band sawing machine

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1. Always observe the normal operation of each moving part. If there is abnormal sound response, stop immediately and check and eliminate it, avoid accidents caused by the use of the sawing machine, and extend the service life of the band sawing machine.

2. Clean the chips in the work surface and the saw frame in time to avoid blocking the saw teeth and affect the normal use of the vertical band saw machine.

3. Always check the cleanliness and oil quantity of the coolant and hydraulic oil to ensure sufficient supply of oil and water supply, and add appropriate cutting fluid to avoid the blockage of the hydraulic components and cause the band sawing machine to operate abnormally. When the metal is cut, the band saw blade is aggravated. Affect processing costs.

4. Lubricating oil (fat) should be added to the surface of the guide rail and each lubrication point. The lubricating oil should be added once in the sawing wheel bearing for half a year. On the lifting rod of the lifting of the saw frame, each shift should be refueled once to extend the service life of the vertical sawing machine. .

5. The surface of the rolling guide under the saw frame rotation body is kept clean. When changing the angle continuously, it is necessary to refuel frequently to avoid the saw material feeding and the waste.

6. After the work is completed, the band saw blade should be relaxed to extend the service life of the band saw blade and reduce the wear of the band saw blade.

7. The lubricating oil in the reducer should be replaced regularly (3 months to half a year). After the replacement, the band sawing machine can be started to test, so that the lubricating oil can wrap the surface of the part more quickly.

8. After the work, the band sawing machine should be wiped to keep the cleanliness of each part of the sawing machine. When appropriate, the simple parts can be removed for cleaning and the service life of the sawing machine can be extended.

9. Check the band saw blade frequently to check if there is any crack, which will affect the production safety. When the band saw blade is newly installed, it should be carefully checked whether the saw blade is clamped. The new saw blade should be used for normal running-in. It is not suitable for high-speed cutting.