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Development of CNC sawing machine

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The sawing machine is a machine tool that cuts and cuts metal pipe materials, round materials, square materials and other profiles by using a band saw blade, a circular saw blade or a saw band. It is a typical metal cutting device and can be divided into bows according to mechanical classification. Sawing machines, band saws, circular saws, and types of sawing machines have different characteristics, but even different sawing machines have many similarities.

The band sawing machine is a machine tool for cutting and cutting various metal materials, and is mainly divided into a horizontal band sawing machine and a vertical band sawing machine. The tool used in the process of use is a bi-metal band saw blade, but depending on the type of sawing machine, it is also possible to use a tool such as a saw band or a circular saw blade. The circular saw blade mainly has the characteristics of high-speed cutting, and the occupied area is small, which has been favored by many enterprises. The first circular saw blade was applied to the wood processing industry. As the strength of the saw blade continues to increase, some soft metals can also be cut, and different directions can be achieved, whether horizontal (horizontal) or vertical. can.

Today's sawing machines can cut any irregular profile and provide power through a band saw for continuous uninterrupted cutting. Nowadays, the CNC sawing machine is basically fully automated. Before the sawing material is cut, the operator can adjust the feeding degree and direction of the saw blade on the numerical control panel to simulate the operation of the equipment. This ensures that the completion of the workpiece can be controlled by people, speeding up the sawing speed of the workpiece, stabilizing the quality of the workpiece, reducing the processing cost of the individual workpiece, and improving the yield of the workpiece.

At present, in the hardware market, CNC sawing machines have been widely used and have been favored by many enterprises. I believe that in the future of more and more developed technology, China's sawing machine industry will be more perfect and reach the technical level. A higher level.