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How to solve the problem of material cutting during the cutting process of band sawing machine

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During the cutting process of band sawing machine, the material may have a skew-cutting fault. What should be done when such a sawing problem occurs? Let's talk briefly about the processing method.

1. If everything used in the previous sawing machine is normal, the saw blade has no problem, and the saw blade is inclined due to the replacement of the saw blade, then the biggest possible problem is that it is on the saw blade. Generally, the quality factor of the saw blade is relatively large.

2. If the factors of the saw blade are excluded, then the other factors must be considered. If there is no problem with the previous saw blade, such as the saw blade tooth type, then this time we must focus on checking the sawing machine and the saw blade. After all, each saw blade needs to be replaced. Therefore, related to the saw blade, such as the saw blade is not tight enough, If you give a large amount of factors, you need to pay attention.

3. If the above problems are ruled out, then it is necessary to consider whether the sawing machine has reached the maintenance period. After all, the accessories of the sawing machine also have a long life, and no one knows when it will have problems.

As far as the sawing saw is not properly cut, just look at the following equipment accessories.

1. Guide block spacing 2, guide arm clearance 3, whether the saw frame is 90 degrees longitudinally vertical.

If the above relevant factors are excluded, the problem of skewing when the sawing saw is cut can be solved. Generally, the method is firstly taken out from the saw blade, and the factors of the saw blade are first excluded. The best solution to the failure of the saw blade.