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Automation technology will become the key to the transformation of band sawing manufacturing

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The degree of automation of the band saw tool has a crucial impact on the speed and accuracy of the band saw machine, and has become an important factor in distinguishing the grade of the band saw.

It is understood that advanced automation technology and products will undoubtedly become an important direction for the transformation of band sawing machine manufacturing industry, and its development potential will be highlighted in this change.

In band saw products, especially high-end band saw products, automation technology and products are used in almost every part from control mechanisms, actuators to measuring and feedback mechanisms, and these are currently used in various automations for band saws and band saw machines. Products are almost always undergoing new changes. As the control center of the high-end band sawing machine, the numerical control system includes various technologies such as motion control, intelligent technology and self-diagnosis. The multi-axis and multi-system numerical control devices have been developed and put into use. The control method of the servo system is also Gradually transition from the conventional signal type to the bus type; servo drives and motors are also developing in the direction of digitization, communication and intelligence.

In this regard, many cutting-edge automation technology trends have also emerged. For example, the application of linear motors and torque motors is a good example. Most of the gantry rails of Mazak and Mori Seiki are no longer using rolling guides, but instead of linear motors, thk linear motors can reach 720m/min under 3000n load, which is not to be said. A breakthrough. Torque motors were previously only available on small-sized band saws and are now available for larger and larger band sawing machines. The maturity of these technologies is also continually promoting the performance of band sawing machines.