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Heavy-duty sawing machines welcome new moments in the development of sawing machines

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The Chinese government's construction of wind power, large aircraft manufacturing, and urban rail transit will be a long-term project, which will prompt the heat of China's heavy sawing machine market to last for a long time. In fact, it is based on this understanding that there will be so many entrants. The band saw industry faces many opportunities.

In the purchase of sawing machines, the focus of users' procurement in the future will focus on heavy-duty, super-heavy independent high-end composite intelligent CNC band sawing machines. Therefore, during the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, the user industry will mainly add key equipment, and the heavy-duty sawing machine is likely to have a flat period of market demand in general.

New moment of sawing machine

Now, the domestic heavy band sawing machine manufacturing industry is facing a good development opportunity. How to seize this development opportunity and cope with the increasingly fierce competition in the international market is an urgent problem to be solved in the face of heavy band sawing enterprises.

First of all, since the 1990s, foreign famous heavy sawing machine manufacturers have switched to the door. Once known as the world's leading German heavy band sawing machine manufacturing industry, due to the long-term sluggishness of the world band sawing machine market, the famous manufacturers such as Xi Shi, Kebao and Keegan have no competition as independent market players. The opponent is relatively weak.

Secondly, China is moving towards heavy chemical industry. The national policy of revitalizing the equipment manufacturing industry will further stimulate market demand and become the world's largest sawing machine consumer market, which will help accelerate the development of the sawing machine industry.

Third, China is gradually integrating into the process of world economic integration, and famous foreign merchants have come to China to invest and build factories. China has become the world's largest processing plant. As a basic equipment industry, it should have a good development prospect.

Finally, domestic heavy-duty sawing machine technology has matured, and the gap with foreign advanced technology is gradually narrowing, and most products can meet user needs. Domestic manufacturing capacity has entered the forefront of the world, while the manufacturing capacity of foreign heavy sawing machine manufacturers is weakening.

To solve these problems, the band saw industry will have a qualitative leap.